Letters of Recommendation

We are a community of 104 units which has employed a management company as our property manager for a number of years. As of last year we have become increasingly dissatisfied with their performance and were considering a new management company when Mr. Adams was assigned as our Property Manager. Since Mr. Adams has managed our community, he has renegotiated contracts with vendors and cut our costs considerably. Mr. Adams has been continually improving our community both in appearance and functionality, returning it to a standard that we enjoy. Our elevators are now in compliance with all standards of the law and have passed inspection to receive our certification permit after nearly 2 years of waiting. His professional attitude and diligence have been a pleasant change.

When the management company unexpectedly terminated his services, we the board along with the unanimous approval of our community members present at the meeting made our decision to reemploy Mr. Adams again through his new management company "Adams & Associates Premier Management". Not only have we known Mr. Adams as our manager, many have known him as a Real Estate Broker for the last 10 years selling and leasing more than 50 units in our community. To lose a man of his talent, ability, moral character as well as his record of achievements with us is unacceptable.

Thank you,
Cove Community Board of Directors

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Dan Adams.  I met Dan nearly a decade ago when I was purchasing my first apartment at The Cove.  At the time, he was the realtor representing the seller.  I did not have any experience in real estate, and Dan was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.  Thanks to Dan, I was able to close on my first property within less then one month.

Since I met Dan, I have used his expertise and services in renting another property that I own.  I am so pleased with Dan’s efficiency and professionalism that I have recommended his services to my father in renting the properties that he owns.

Currently Dan is managing The Cove.   I have seen many improvements throughout the property.  Dan is a hands on manager.  I often see him at The Cove making sure everything is in order.  With Dan in charge of The Cove’s management, I know my property is in good hands.

Thiago Ortega

RE:  Dan and Lisa Adams of Adams & Associates Premier Management

To Whom It May Concern:

Dan Adams has been the Property Manager for Marbella Condominium for approximately half a year.  During this short period of time, we have found Dan and his associate Lisa Adams to be extremely diligent, very cost conscious, very personable and extremely attentive and responsive.  And very importantly, Dan is often at our building and does not manage affairs from afar - he is very present.

During this short period of time, Dan has been instrumental in the vetting of additional vendors, including AC, elevator, insurance, etc. which has saved our association money in addition to upgrading the services we receive.  Dan has used his many years in the condo management business to develop relationships with vendors he considers top notch and his introduction of these vendors to us is greatly appreciated.

Dan has helped our Board with his many suggestions to upgrade the services in our building and improve the safety of our owners.

Based on our six months of experience with Dan Adams as our Property Manager, we have only positive recommendations regarding his professionalism and management services.  With Dan as our Property Manager, we are able to sleep much more peacefully!

Juan G. Andreu, President
Marbella of Miami Condominium Association

August 23, 2009

RE: Adams & Associates Premier Management

To Whom It May Concern:

     I am pleased to write this recommendation for Dan Adams, our property manager at Gables Point condominium. As president of Gables Point II, I have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Adams performance in a Variety of situations and interact with him on solutions to problems.

     Mr. Adams has an extensive background in construction. This gives him the ability to supervise and monitor the progress of contractors working on the property. Mr. Adams has made steady improvements at our property. He is generally at the property daily solving problems and monitoring work being done.

     Perhaps his most important quality is the ability to communicate with people in a clear, friendly manner. I have seen him interact with difficult owners and tenants in a very effective manner. Many owners and tenants have expressed appreciation for the quick response to phone calls and emails. He has established a website for comments and complaints. He is conscientious in his response time.

     I have found Mr. Adams to be a person of excellent character and integrity. He has a wide background of skills to call on in construction and law enforcement.       I would highly recommend him as a property manager.

Mary Hughes
President of Gables Point II Condominium Association.

Emily McHale
Gables Point III
Miami, Florida

January 26, 2010

To whom it may concern:

As a long time resident of Gables Point III, I am writing to endorse the really superior management that
Dan Adams has provided since Adams & Associates Premier Management began overseeing our community.

His improvements to our overall operation and his execution in running the community have been exceptional.
He is proactive, he is knowledgeable and he is interested. His follow-through in addressing owners' concerns has been unmatched.

After many years of indifferent and remote management, Gables Point III is fortunate to have
Dan Adams in charge. He deals in solutions and visible results and for that he merits my highest recommendation.

Emily McHale

February 6, 2010

6845 SW 45th Lane
Miami, Fl  33l55

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Diane Hindle.  I am currently a property owner at Gables Point III Condominium and have resided at the above address since l989.

As a prior officer and director of Gables Point III Condominium Association, I have had prior extensive experience in communicating with several property management companies.  At the present time, Mr. Dan Adams of Adams and Associates Premier Management is our community association manager.

Mr. Adams and his company is, by far, the most capable property management company serving our community to date.  Mr. Adams and his company “go the extra mile” in resolving community-based condominium issues and, their dedication in doing so speaks tremendous volumes.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Carlos E Alfaras / Maria E. Alfaras
Kendale Lakes Master Condominium Association
Miami, Florida

January 15, 2011

To whom it may concern:

We have resided at this site for several years. During those years, we felt many times that the past management companies were not properly during what was expected from them, and we felt totally fustrated.

The reason of this letter of recommendation for Dan Adams, and Adams & Associates Premier Management, is to greatly recognize that he has been continually improving our community, both in appearance and functionality. His professional attitude and diligence have been a pleasant change to many of us.

No wonder he is called “the Greatest Guy in the Planet”

Carlos Alfaras & Maria Alfaras

Kendale Lakes Master Condominium Association


To whom it may concern

I would like to say that I been a residence at Kendall Lake Master's for 38 years, this is the first time in years that I have seen such improvements. For instant I had a magor bee problem that was taken Carof Immediately by Maritza, the Office manager. That same day the property managers Dan and Lisa arrived to ensure the problem was corrected.

The property has great improvement with the landscaping etc. We hope they will continue to work with us.


Jean Hemrick


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